ESQUI’ is the elegant cooler that cools down your beverages quickly, keeping them fresh for a long time without using the ice: no more wet bottle and unsticking labels.

The high cooling power of ESQUI is due to the high amount of liquid contained in the ice packs, which are made of resistant and ultralight material.

They  become cool quickly, releasing freshness  for an extremely long time and keeping  the temperature low for several hours.

The particular shape of the three ice packs in it allows you to stack them, with no waste of space and, thanks to their minimal amount of space, it is easy  to find a space in the freezer for them.

ESQUI ‘is a promotional item, easy to customize.


  • Colors: Red – Black (other colors on request)
  • Body Material: ABS
  • Thermal Resistance: -20°C/+70°C
  • UV stabilized: yes
  • Costumization on demand (color and logo)
All materials comply with the European legislation (DIR. CEE 10/2011).




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