Regulators grains

Easytake is the patent dispenser provided with measuring distributor. It is ideal for grain and small size product, that are mostly used in ice-cream parlor and yogurt bar.

Easytake, as the word says, is easy to use and the product is loaded from the top carving the cap. Nobody can touch the product contained: in fact, for the distribution, you have to drag the drawer and the product drops in a pre-established quantity (it is provided in 3 different measures). Finally can the owner quantify how much product is provided only with one PULL!

Easytake is now available with a support for wall and it can be customized with logo, colors and serigraph.


  • Colors: Red – Black – lilac – White – Grey (body: Trasparent)
  • Body Material: methyl methacrylate
  • Top Lid and hopper’s materials: ABS
  • UV stabilized: yes
  • Measures available: 25cm, 33cm, 66cm

Available support

  • Single wall support
  • Triple wall support
  • Triple flat support 25-33 cm
  • Single Wall tray for cup support
All materials comply with the European legislation (DIR. CEE 10/2011).




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