Dispenser per prodotti sfusi - Ecobulk


Dispenser for bulk products

Ecobulk is gravity bin 100% MADE IN ITALY for bulk products, it offers the possibility to dispense products such as pasta, legumes, cereals, candy and much more in a small space, with its gravitational system, Ecobulk is the ecological solution that meets the reduction of the products’ packaging.

Thanks to the adjustment of the spout according to the type of the product, it allows the optimization of consumption of material. Ecobulk is supllied with a closing system with lock and key unique, which avoids the handling of the product by a third party.

Ecobulk is available in two different versions, 16 and 22 liters, it can be placed, with its relative supports in sheet, on the shelves or it can be fixed directly to the wall. It is built with materials suitable for food contact, it’s supplied with its port card for the indication of the price and general product information.


  • Colors: Black (Body transparent) or Green
  • Body material: PMMA
  • Fitting material: Polypropylene
  • UV stabilized: yes
All materials comply with the European legislation (DIR. CEE 10/2011.




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